4 Tools to Make You More Productive at Work

May 23rd, 2018

productivity tools

We’ve all been there… sat at our desk, staring off into space or mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. Procrastinating can be very tempting sometimes, but there’s no point wasting time at work when you could be staying on top of your to-do list. The more organised and productive you are now, the less stressed you’ll be when deadlines are looming!

If you find it hard to be organised at work, or just want to be a bit more focused, here are a few of our favourite apps and tools for making you more productive.


Trello is a project management tool that’s particularly great if you’re working on a collaborative project. It can often be difficult to keep track of who’s done what in a busy office, but with Trello you can share everything with colleagues and assign tasks to particular team members.

Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, you can create boards for different projects. Within each board, you can then add lists and cards which are great for creating to-do lists, storing notes, setting deadlines and planning your projects. Trello is great for helping you be more productive as it’s easy to prioritise tasks, delegate things to other team members and keep on top of exactly what still needs to be done.

Find out more: trello.com


Always find yourself scribbling notes on pieces of paper, then promptly losing them? You need Evernote in your life! Evernote is a note-taking app which works on your phone, desktop and on the web, so you can easily access your notes wherever you are.

You can set up different notebooks for different projects, and you can have private notes as well as shared ones for team projects. This makes it easy for colleagues to add their notes to a project, or access information that might be needed for certain tasks. As well as plain text notes, you can create lists, checkboxes, tables, audio notes, image attachments, clippings from the internet and even handwritten notes.

Evernote is a great place to store everything you need all in one place. When it comes to doing the work, you’ll already have it nice and organised rather than scrambling around trying to find the right notebook on your desk.

Find out more: evernote.com

Google Calendar

It might sound pretty obvious, but having a calendar is essential if you want to be productive. Google Calendar is great because it can be synced across all your devices, meaning you’ll never miss an appointment or deadline again. You can also share your calendar (or certain events) with colleagues or clients, making it easy to keep all your appointments in one place.

Make use of features like colour coding, categories and reminders to personalise your calendar. It’s great for noting down meetings or appointments, but it can also be really useful for keeping track of project deadlines or key launch dates. Using a digital calendar or diary app like Google Calendar will no doubt make you more productive at work.

Find out more: calendar.google.com


If you work as part of a large team, constantly sending emails back and forth can get confusing, and things can easily be missed. To make your communications more productive, use an app like Slack to help you organise your work chat.

With Slack, you can set up different workspaces for different projects, departments or work groups. Each member can then join the appropriate workspace channel, and use it like an instant messaging service to share information, images, links and more. Rather than sending the same email to 10 people and receiving a jumbled thread of responses, with Slack you can post your question in the channel and each member can instantly reply, being able to see what everyone else has said too.

Find out more: slack.com