5 Reasons Why Working in Musselburgh is Great

September 26th, 2019

We might be a little bit biased, but we think working in Musselburgh is great. Whether you’re already an Eskmills tenant, or are thinking of making the move, here are a few of our top reasons why we love working in Musselburgh.

Easy commute

While lots of people are making the trip into Edinburgh for work every day, go against the crowd and commute within your home town instead! If you live in Musselburgh, what could be better than a 10 minute walk to the office every morning and a short stroll home once you’re finished work? Even if you live a little bit further out, there are great bus links from both Edinburgh city centre and East Lothian. Take a look at our blog post about Getting to Eskmills with East Coast Buses to find out more about how easy your commute could be. Musselburgh also has a train station, which gets you to and from Edinburgh city centre in a matter of minutes, and if you’re coming by car there are plenty of parking spaces in the Eskmills car park.

Peace and quiet

If you’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle of a busy city centre, take it easy and enjoy the peace and quiet of Musselburgh. Things are a lot quieter out here, allowing you to concentrate and get your work done without distractions. On the other hand, the peace and quiet is also perfect for taking a break from working hard. Enjoy a walk along the River Esk or pop down to the beach on your lunch break to take some time away from your desk. We think having a good work/life balance is really important, and having a relaxed work environment makes this much easier.

Community feeling

Another great thing about working in Musselburgh is the community spirit. As it’s quite a small town, you get to know people quickly – especially your neighbours at Eskmills. If you’re new to Eskmills, you’ll soon start to recognise friendly faces and might even discover some new business connections or people to collaborate with. Whether it’s working together on a new project or just enjoying an after-work drink in Crolla’s, there’s definitely a great community feeling here at Eskmills.

Great lunch spots

We’re lucky to have a great wee selection of cafes, delis and restaurants here in Musselburgh. If you’re tired of having the same meal deal sandwich at your desk every day, there are plenty of places for lunch within walking distance of Eskmills. Whether you’re looking for soup and a sandwich, some tasty Italian food or a takeaway salad box, Musselburgh has it covered! Find out more about our favourite places to grab lunch near Eskmills in our blog post, 5 of the Best Places for Lunch in Musselburgh.

Competitive prices

Office rent can often be one of the biggest expenses for a business, especially if you’re renting in an area like Edinburgh. But if you venture a few miles from the city centre towards Musselburgh, you’ll get a lot more for your money. At Eskmills, we offer competitive prices for businesses of all sizes, whether you’re looking for an office for 30 people, somewhere for a team of 4 to work, or even just a hotdesk for yourself. Take a look at our Availability page to find out more about renting office space with us in East Lothian.