5 Things to Outsource for Your Business

April 4th, 2019

When you’re busy running a business, you often don’t have time to tick off everything on your to-do list. Rather than letting important tasks fall by the wayside, why not outsource them to someone else?

Investing a little bit of money in hiring the right person for the task can save you pennies (and lots of time!) in the long run, helping your business run much more efficiently. If you’re in need of some assistance, here are five things that can easily be outsourced – leaving you to do what you do best.


Let’s face it, lots of us are easily confused by numbers and spreadsheets and book-keeping. Even if you do understand it all, it can be very time consuming to keep your accounts up to date. This is especially true when your business starts growing and you have employee salaries, VAT payments and various taxes to keep on top of.

To make things simple, outsource the accounting side of your business to a trusted accountant. They’ll be able to keep things in order for you, as well as advise on how to save money, what you can claim on expenses, and deadlines for making payments. They can also take care of invoicing and chasing payments, leaving you to get on with your job. Make sure you sit down with your accountant so you know exactly what they need from you (usually just details of any receipts, expenses and invoices), then they’ll take care of the rest.

Web & Graphic Design

Having a good website is vital these days, as is having a recognisable logo and marketing materials, such as business cards, flyers, adverts and signs. Instead of doing a half-hearted job yourself and trying to design your own website from scratch, outsource this to a professional.

Work with someone who understands what your business is all about, and they’ll be able to create you a website that’s not only functional but looks beautiful and represents your brand too. They’ll be able to set up the technical side of things so you don’t have to worry about doing it right. Save yourself hours of frustration by outsourcing any web design or graphic design to a professional!

Social Media

Social media is another important aspect of your business, but it’s something that often gets put down at the bottom of the to-do list. It’s a great way to attract new customers and share news about your business, but it’s also very time consuming and can be difficult to get it right.

If you find yourself updating the business Instagram account once a month rather than once a day, it’s time to outsource your social media work to a freelancer. They’ll be able to take photos, create content, write great captions, research the right hashtags and connect with the people you should be connecting with.

Content Creation

Leading on from social media, content creation is another area of your business that can be easily outsourced. Whether it’s writing blog posts to boost your SEO, creating beautiful photos to share on social media or drafting up email newsletters to promote your latest product, content creation requires lots of time, effort and skill.

Instead of trying to fit this in around your other work commitments, outsource this to someone who knows what they’re doing. You’ll soon see the benefits of regular blog posts, newsletters and social media posts!

PR Activity

PR activity is vital to the success of many businesses, but it’s not something that’s easy to do yourself. A great PR team will have years of experience, a long list of contacts and plenty of amazing ideas for promoting your business.

Instead of trying to come up with a PR plan by yourself, outsource this to a PR freelancer or agency. They’ll be able to help with everything from writing press releases to organising events and co-ordinating press reviews and coverage.