5 Ways to Know You’ve Outgrown Your Office

March 8th, 2019

You spend a lot of time in your office, so it has to be the right fit for you. And what was perfect two years ago, may no longer be a big enough space for you any more. As your business grows, so will you office… but when is the right time to make a move?

You’ve doubled your employees

It might sound obvious, but if you’ve got twice the number of employees as when you started your business, it’s probably a bit of a tight squeeze in the office! Everyone needs their own work space without feeling too cramped, but if your team has grown from three members to six, seven or more it’s likely you’ll be rapidly running out of desks. To avoid people getting annoyed at each other, it might be time to move somewhere bigger.

You’ve run out of storage space

The longer you stay in an office, the more stuff you’ll accumulate. Whether it’s paperwork, boxes of stock, or products from clients, it all needs to go somewhere. If you’re starting to find yourself tripping over piles of boxes, or being unable to find important documents jammed in drawers, it’s time to start looking for a bigger office space. Being able to keep things tidy and organised will lead to a much more productive working environment.

Your meeting space isn’t big enough

Sometimes it’s necessary to have a private meeting, but if your conference table is two feet away from everyone’s desks… that can be tricky! If you constantly find yourself visiting clients instead of them visiting you, or if you often need to pop to the local coffee shop for important meetings, it’s probably time to look for an office space with a separate meeting room that’s big enough for all your staff to fit in when they need to.

There’s no breakout space

If you’ve had to get rid of your sofa to make way for more desks, it can start to feel like there’s nowhere to relax when you’re in the office. It’s really important to have a breakout space so your employees can have some time away from their desk – whether it’s a quick five minute cup of tea after finishing a big task, or somewhere to relax and enjoy lunch for an hour. If you’re lacking space like this in your office, it’s time to look for somewhere bigger where you can have dedicated spaces for working and relaxing.

You start working from home more

If you find yourself making excuses to work from home, or encouraging your staff to work from home, that’s a big sign that there’s not enough space for everyone in the office. Make your office a more relaxed environment by making sure there’s enough space for everyone – both in terms of actual desk space, and breathing space when people need to either concentrate or let off steam!

If you’re recognising all of these signs, it’s time to start looking for a new office. Whether you’re an existing Eskmills tenant or are currently renting an office elsewhere, we can help! At Eskmills, we have a huge variety of offices in different sizes, so we’ll be able to find you the perfect space in no time. And as your business continues to grow in the future, we’ll make sure to help you expand once again with a new space at Eskmills.

To find out more about what’s currently available, give Donald a call on 0131 285 5566 or email donald.gillies@eskmills.com.