Freelancer? This is why you should consider a coworking space

February 19th, 2020

If you’ve taken the step to step out on your own in 2020, launching your own business or going out into the world of freelancing, then you might have been thinking about how to make sure you can work effectively, and where you’ll be based.

Setting up your workspace at your dining table, or working from the sofa, might sound appealing, but in reality – you’ll be far less productive than you might think. It’s all too tempting to switch on the TV for ‘background noise’ and then find yourself engrossed in a box set, or to end up doing the household chores when you’re having a bit of downtime.

Creating an official ‘home office’ in a spare room is the best bet for stay-at-home freelancers, but even then, how many of us have a vacant room in our homes to set up a desk in? And then it’s all too easy to find yourself literally taking your work home with you, as it’s tempting to stay ‘after hours’ and keep on working on the evenings and even the weekends, seeing as there’s no commute to be concerned with.

So, if your current working environment sees you curled up on the sofa, surrounded by paperwork on your coffee table, and unable to separate your home life from your work life, then we think you should consider a coworking space.

Here at Eskmills, we offer a variety of spaces to suit every business size – from large private units that can house 100 staff, to single desks for enterprising entrepreneurs who are opting to fly solo. Our coworking options mean that you have a space to come to whenever you need it, a place to call ‘the office’ and a place to leave your work behind in. Plus, you’ve got all the facilities you could need in a bright, open communal space, and of course, the benefit of working alongside other freelancers, where you can share ideas, glean advice and generally work together to make freelance life that little bit easier.

Plus, there’s plenty of benefits to renting a desk at Eskmills, that you wouldn’t have if you stayed at home. A brisk walk to work, along the picturesque Esk river, through the pretty woodlands, alongside the sea or even across the bustling Musselburgh high street, means that you’re getting out of the house and getting some fresh air, at least twice a day. You’ll have the opportunity to make friends and colleagues with a group of likeminded individuals, and the beautiful surroundings of historic Eskmills too. Plus, we’ve got an onsite Italian restaurant, where you can treat yourself to a delicious lunch, plenty of car parking spaces, a large supermarket nearby… what more could you want?

If you’re interested in viewing our coworking spaces and seeing how we can help you develop your freelance career, contact our site manager Donald Gillies on