How to Create a Productive Workspace

August 30th, 2018

how to create a productive workspace

There’s nothing worse than having a to-do list as long as your arm, but struggling to get any of it done because you can’t get yourself into work mode. We find having an organised workspace and good working environment really helps us to be more productive. You spend a lot of time at your desk, so it should be somewhere you enjoy being – but also somewhere that allows you to work hard and get things done.

Here are a few of our top tips on how to creative a productive workspace, no matter where you work.

Tidy Away the Clutter

Don’t know about you, but we find it impossible to be productive if our desks are piled high with bits of paper, folders, magazines and empty cups of tea. If there’s lots of clutter on your desk, it will distract you from the task at hand. Invest in a pen pot, a small basket for keeping odds and ends at hand, and make sure you have a filing system to store any important documents. Tidy up anything on your desk at the end of every day – coming in to a nice clean desk the next morning will make sure you start the day in the most productive way possible.

Sort Out Old Projects

Leading on from tidying away the clutter, make sure both your desk and computer desktop aren’t filled up with old projects. Once you’ve finished working on something, pop it in a folder, label it and store it in a filing cabinet in case you need to refer back to it again. On your computer, set up a logical filing system so it’s easy to find documents if you need them again – and make sure not to leave things loose on your desktop so you end up with hundreds of icons cluttering up the space! Sorting out old projects will ensure you don’t get mixed up with anything you’re currently working on, and will allow you to be more productive and concentrate on one task at a time.

Write a To-Do List

It might sound obvious, but writing a daily to-do list can really help with your productivity levels. Get yourself a nice notepad to write your to-do list on, and leave it in a prominent place on your desk. That way, you’ll be able to easily see what you need to do today, and can tick it off as you go. There’s no better feeling (and no better way to motivate yourself to be productive!) than ticking off every single thing on your to-do list by the end of the day.

Adjust Your Computer Screen

It’s difficult to be productive if you feel uncomfortable and are constantly shifting around at your desk. Try adjusting the height and angle of your computer screen so it’s comfortable to use and you aren’t craning your neck all day. It’s also worth investing in a comfortable, adjustable chair to make it easy to create your perfect working environment.

Brighten Up the Space

Studies have shown that sunlight has a significant impact on productivity and wellbeing, so try and let as much natural light into your office as possible. Luckily we have nice big windows here at Eskmills, so the sun is often shining on our workspaces. If it’s not possible to let natural light into your working area, it could be worth getting some smart LED lighting that mimics natural light or adding a desk lamp to brighten up your workspace.

Personalise Your Desk

Most people spend around 8 hours a day at their desk, so it’s important to make it a place you enjoy spending time. If your workspace is bland and boring, you’ll hate spending time there and will end up procrastinating instead of feeling motivated to get work done. Personalise your desk with plants, stationery, photographs or whatever you like to make it more interesting.