How to Freshen a Stale Creative Environment

March 5th, 2020

Creativity is key to any successful business, but maintaining it isn’t always the easiest. Juggling clients, a heavy workload, and other professional responsibilities often lead to a creatively stale environment–but there are ways you can refresh your workspace.  

Plants– Is stress creating a mental block? Adding some plants to your desk space not only lowers blood pressure and brings a sense of calm, but the added greenery boosts your creative performance.

Mind Games– Playing a board game, filling out a crossword or working on a sudoku puzzle, provides much-needed mental stimulation and also helps with abstract thinking–something that might be missing from your work.  

Collaborate and Listen– Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Listening to advice or working with a trusted colleague on something that’s been stumping you, might just be the boost you need–hearing their unique perspective and honest feedback can help you look at the project or task at hand with a much-need fresh pair of eyes. 

Take a Walk– Get your blood pumping and creative juices flowing with a stroll. Walking has been proven to improve creative thinking and a brief change of environment may also bring some inspiration!

Taking these simple steps will undoubtedly spruce up any worn-out creative environment.

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