How to Plan the Perfect Office Space

April 26th, 2019

how to plan the perfect office space

Having an office space that’s functional, practical but also enjoyable to spend time in is essential for a productive working environment. The perfect office space will vary a lot depending on what type of business you run and what you need to use the space for on a daily business – but we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite tips to help you plan the perfect office space.

Desk Space

The most important thing for many businesses will be the desk space. Your desk is where you spend the majority of your day, so it’s vital for it to function well. Make sure the desk itself is big enough for everything you need – computer or laptop, notebooks, papers, stationery etc.

Also consider the configuration of your desks. If you have several employees, sit people who usually work on the same projects near each other so no one has to shout across the room. Set up the desks in a way which allows you to chat and share ideas when necessary, but also gives you your own space to get your head down when you need to finish your work.

Breakout Space

It can be really tempting to spend all day at your desk, but it’s important to take a break from your screen. Make sure your office has a breakout area – even it’s just a couple of chairs and a coffee table – so you can spend some time away from your desk.

If you don’t have a separate breakout room, make sure you can create a defined space in one corner of your office. Spending 10 minutes relaxing here with a cup of tea will make you feel much more motivated!

Kitchen Space

In an ideal world, your office would have its own kitchen so you could prepare lunch fresh every day. But that’s not always possible, especially if you have a small office space. Make sure whatever space you do have is as functional as possible, so you and your staff don’t have to survive on meal deal sandwiches!

A small fridge and microwave are both essentials well worth having, along with a kettle for cups of tea. Make sure there’s also plenty cutlery, plates, bowls, mugs and glasses so you have everything you need to prepare simple lunches like salad, soup or sandwiches.

Storage Space

Storage space might not be the most exciting part of your office, but it’s probably the most important. Make sure you have enough space to tidy everything away – whether it’s a big storage cupboard to keep products in, or shelves and filing cabinets for all your paperwork.

Having good storage space will help keep your desk and the rest of the office nice and tidy, so it’s a welcoming environment to come in to every day.