How to properly rest and reset this Christmas

December 19th, 2019

Like many of our businesses here at Eskmills, you might be taking some well-earned time off over the festive season. It’s important to relax, reset and recharge the batteries ahead of the start of a whole new year, and we want to help you make sure that you use your time off effectively, so that you come back to your business with a bang in 2020. You can’t serve from an empty vessel, after all.

Here’s our top tips to make sure you can switch off during the festive season..

Actually switch off

As tempting as it is to check your emails and make sure you’re not missing anything, try and disconnect from your work correspondence over the holidays. Delete the account from your phone, and leave a message for clients with an emergency contact number, so that you know that if you’re really needed, they can reach you. (Chances are, they’ll be on their holidays too!). You’ll really benefit from having some separation from your work life.

Make as to-do list before you leave

The act of sitting down and writing out everything that needs to be done, either before you leave or for when you get back to work, can really help to clarify the mind. Knowing in advance what needs to be done, what’s not urgent and what can definitely be left until your return lessens the panic you might feel about closing up for the holidays.

Commit to doing something daily that you really enjoy

Whether it’s a daily walk, reading a chapter or two of a new book, or spending time with family, the holidays are a key time to put yourself and your family first. Spend the time that you’d usually spend on clients, on enjoying yourself instead.

Do something creative

Even in a creative job, you’re likely still working within certain parameters. Use your time off to explore your creativity at its fullest, whether that’s painting, writing, poetry, music – even decorating your home or tending your garden. It’s great for the mind to use a different area of your brain, to relax, recharge and make something that you can be proud of.

Reflect on your goals

The holidays are a very good time to not only rest and relax, but also to reflect. Not just on your professional goals, but on your personal ones too. What do you want from your life, and are you on the right path to achieve it? Take some time to really consider where you are, both in your career and your home life, and make a plan to help you continue on your path to success in the new year and beyond.