In and Around Eskmills

June 6th, 2018


One of the things we love most about Eskmills is the amazing history. Each building has its own character and some interesting tales to tell, so we thought we’d take you on a quick tour of some of the different areas around Eskmills.

Stuart House

Stuart House is where you’ll find the main reception at Eskmills. This impressive building has always been the heart of Eskmills, since the days it was a working mill. Stuart House was built in 1867, and housed spinning and weaving machines on all floors. It was quite revolutionary for its time, as the building was constructed to be ‘fireproof’. After the closure of the net manufacturing industry at Eskmills, the building fell into disrepair. When we took it on, Stuart House was structurally sound but in a poor state, and required lots of renovations to bring it back to life.

Now, Stuart House is home to lots of different businesses in offices of all sizes. You might also recognise the clock tower on top of Stuart House – this historic landmark had to be fully dismantled, re-made and then reinstated in its place.


The Courtyard

The main courtyard is a beautiful space in the centre of Eskmills, with all the buildings surrounding it. There’s a statement water feature in the middle of the courtyard, as well as Crolla’s restaurant. This is a great spot for lunch in the summer, whether you fancy taking a seat at one of Crolla’s outdoor tables for a delicious Italian lunch, or if you want to grab a sandwich and enjoy it outside by the water feature.

Archibald Hope House

Archibald Hope House is named after a local landowning family, the Hopes, and in particular Archibald Hope, who once owned part of the land on which Eskmills now sits. The Hopes were well known for owning collieries in the Musselburgh area. Their main one was at Craighall, before they opened another shaft to the north and built Newcraighall.


Hercules House

Hercules House is essentially a modern steel-framed building behind a historic stone facade. The original mill building had to be demolished, but we retained the external wall of the building to make sure we preserved some of the history. At the north end of the building, there is a stone shield with the letter ‘S’ and date 1867. This is a new carving to replace an existing one that was too badly damaged to restore. The S is for Stuart, the original mill’s owners, and 1867 the date of construction.

Fancy joining us at Eskmills? We have a range of office spaces available – get in touch to find out more!