Keeping Your Team Happy–Beyond Free Snacks and Summer Fridays

February 27th, 2020

A happy office is essential for any successful company–no matter how big or small. And while free pints and pizza parties may seem like a fun way to boost office morale, employees are searching for a bit more.

Here are a few ways you can improve your office environment:

Keep the Communication Lines Open– Though it may seem obvious, far too many bosses don’t listen to what their employees have to say. Whether it’s just a quick chat about everyone’s weekend or a longer conversation involving a difficult project, staying engaged with your colleagues will boost happiness and the overall business. 

Limit Time in The Office– Hard workers are to be valued, but consistently spending long hours in the office isn’t good for managing that ever tricky work-life balance. The quality of work suffers–a tired worker often performs poorly–and mistakes get made. Keeping strict work hours (including emails) helps improve productivity levels and keep the creative juices flowing!

Funding Professional Development– Is there a course or a workshop that would perfect for your employee(s) to take? If you can, set aside an educational fund for employees– this will not only boost their confidence but help keep your company competitive.

Celebrate Professional and Personal Achievements– Whether it’s celebrating a colleague completing their first marathon or the success of a big project, taking notice of personal and professional milestones will strengthen connections in and out of the office.

These simple, but meaningful changes help create a place that you and your employees will actually look forward to going to.