Meet the Tenants: Future Sales Factory

May 23rd, 2019

This week in our Meet the Tenants series, we’re chatting to Future Sales Factory, specialists in B2B sales training.

They’ve only been at Eskmills for a few months, but they’re already loving the benefits of being based here. Keep reading to find out more about the business, and what they love about Eskmills!

Can you tell us what Future Sales Factory is all about?

At its heart, Future Sales Factory is a sales training company, but we’re salespeople first and sales trainers second, which is why our clients trust us. We have much more credibility with their teams than the trainers who have not sold anything for 20 years, or even worse, have learned nonsense about sales from a book! Everyone holds a sales target, and if you don’t hit your sales target, you don’t train salespeople.

We excel at training around what is known as “First Handshake to First Invoice©” which is the logical process behind meeting someone for the first time and then turning them into a paying client. We look at what you must do, how many times you have to do it and crucially, how long it takes, which is imperative for sales strategy and planning. I think, in fact, we are the only training business around that concentrates specifically on this vital and often misunderstood skill.

We have many great clients across the world who trust us with their training – our company record for the furthest travelled is one consultant who delivered almost an consecutive series of two day account management programmes in Edinburgh, London, New York, Los Angeles, Denver and then East Kazakhstan over the space of 3 weeks, and then immediately flew back to Edinburgh to perform at a stand up comedy dinner for one of the charities we support. We are living proof that jetlag is a myth! Although having said this, it is not unusual for us to be in and out of a country quickly, I can testify that neither Middle Eastern, nor US Customs like people getting off a 10 hour flight with just hand luggage for a 12 hour stay!

We offer three things:

In House Training – we create a bespoke training course for any client of any industry.

Conference Speaking – we have a portfolio of over 100 speakers covering many topics and backgrounds that you can book for your conference or event.

Online Learning – a school where we upload videos of our more straightforward modules and the jewel in our crown which is the public course covering “First Handshake to First Invoice©” which we run every month, in fact one Eskmills Tenant has won a place on the June course, so it will be nice to meet her on that. The course has won us a few awards, a particular source of pride is the MOD GOLD award for support to the Armed Forces which was presented to us last year by Prince Edward. We have people coming to this course from all over as well, our record is a salesperson flying from Tokyo to attend, we are still looking for our first Australian delegate!

When did you move to Eskmills, and what made you choose here?

We moved here in January 2019. We’ve had a few offices in Stockbridge, Central Edinburgh and Leith, but none of them really compare to here. There was always something that didn’t feel right about each one (the lack of parking at the Leith one caused our Managing Director to scratch the alloy wheel of his brand new car one day and the writing was on the wall from then on!).

We came across Eskmills after Oliver and Donald got in touch about sales training and the site impressed our MD from day one. Now it has become home. Arriving after a 20 minute drive, a 15 minute motorcycle ride or a 5 minute walk from the station and getting into Kev’s fitness class to start the day is a really good conduit for business thinking, and the facilities and people are great. Future Sales Factory is here to stay!

What does a typical day look like at your office?

Because our income relies on meeting clients and then delivering training, our office has always really been somewhere to catch up on paperwork and store the inordinate amount of equipment that a company like ours generates.

Our people are either out meeting clients, or delivering, so if someone is in the office, they are not generating income, so the office here is a base for our MD, Matthew, but don’t expect to see him every day, and in the busy times of Q3 of the year, he may not turn up at all.

However, a day in the office is always good for “working ON the business” as people say. 2020 is the year for franchising our system and there is a lot of paperwork and planning required for that, as well as having the occasional meeting with franchise consultants and lawyers. In truth, a typical day starts in Kev Grigg’s fitness class, followed by some actual work from Matthew, interspersed with numerous visits to the kitchen, a quick bit of guitar practice and a trip over the river to the basketball court to shoot some hoops. A ticket for fishing on the Esk has also recently been purchased, so that could be the lunchtime sorted…

What’s your favourite thing about working at Eskmills?

So many things. Donald and his team are always on hand to help, the other residents that you bump into in the kitchen are friendly and it feels like a great place to run a business. The face that it’s easy to get in and out of town for meetings is a bonus, particularly since the commute is counted in minutes from home.

Everyone who visits for meetings comments on the ease of getting here and the quality of the place. The fact that there is a fully loaded gym here with Kev as your personal trainer is a real boost, as our life of travel, hotels and either dinner with clients or takeaways in the hotel room is not conducive to a trim figure!

What exciting things are coming up for Future Sales Factory in 2019?

We are franchising. Our industry is a strange one as we don’t, as a rule, employ many people as we are contractor based, which means business growth and eventual business sale is difficult. It’s easy to plateau out on income as a company and there are far too many tiny training companies out there, so the sale of a company like this does not create the return that it should.

The answer we have found is to sell franchises, and it’s been a two year project thus far which is launching later this year. With luck, one new franchise per year over the next five years will be realised, which will make us the biggest sales training company in Britain – at which point we can put the business up for sale and really get some use out of that Esk Fishing Permit!

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