Musselburgh Tackles Pollution with CityTree Moss Wall

October 10th, 2018

moss wall musselburgh citytree

Photo by @quinesgonewalking on Instagram

Pollution is a concern for all of us, especially if you live or work near a busy town centre. An innovative pollution solution has recently been installed on the High Street, hoping to tackle the problem of air pollution in Musselburgh.

The ‘CityTree’ is a wall of mosses which helps to filter air pollutants from the surrounding air by around 30%. The combination of mosses used naturally soak up pollutants like nitrogen dioxide, filtering them out to make the air much cleaner.

The installation is powered by solar panels, and rainwater is collected using a built-in irrigation system, helping the mosses to grow and thrive in an urban environment.

Located by a busy bus stop next to the police station, the CityTree is in a prime spot for cleaning up the atmosphere in Musselburgh town centre. It has been developed by a German green technology firm, Green City Solutions. It’s the second CityTree to be installed in Scotland (you can also find one in Glasgow), and joins other world cities likeĀ Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Oslo, London and Newcastle.

Not only will the CityTree reduce pollution in the atmosphere, it is also hoped the unusual structure will help to raise awareness of the problem of pollution and climate change.

The moss wall will remain in Musselburgh for an initial four-month trial period, during which time results will be monitored and the public will be asked for their feedback. If successful, the CityTree could become a permanent addition to Musselburgh High Street.