Setting effective January goals

January 16th, 2020

This year, we’ve got our sights set on high flying, target smashing and expanding horizons. After all, what better time to get into the mindset of success? January is the time for resolutions, diligence and determination. Lots of these goals will be set in your private life, whether it be joining the gym, Veganuary or simply trying something new… but there are also opportunities to bring goals into the work place.

These objectives could be simple, day-to-day functions within your role, or larger, more aspirational targets to work towards.

For example, the simple act of keeping a tidy desk has been proven to improve concentration all day long. Or, for a more practical alternative, a short walk during your lunch break asserts the senses and engages the brain as the fresh air hits, allowing you to work at your full potential.

Furthermore, to boost staff morale and the general workplace vibe, keeping indoor plants can greatly improve the mood and creativity of employees as well as relieve stress.

Alternatively, for those of you aiming high in 2020, consistency is key. By making small progressions daily or weekly it keeps the wheels in motion and progress steady. Make sure this goal is important for you and your business in order to enable complete commitment and remain motivated until the job is done. Although this change could have a large impact on your daily goings-on, it helps to keep the work lighthearted and fun; celebrate every success, and don’t be too put off if hurdles arise.

Relative to good habits and commitment, there’s an important date coming up for all independent business owners or traders among us. With the HM Revenue and Customs deadline swiftly approaching for Self Assessment, it is crucial to have it all sorted in time to escape a penalty fine. You can also be charged subsequently for late payments. This assessment informs the government of total earnings of independent businesses, landlords or other untaxed expenses that may be received in the workplace.

Through the completion of this assessment you will be taxed according to your annual income band you register for and expenses for the year. Changes to a tax return you’ve previously filed can also be submitted before January 31st in order to update your profile and tax plan for the coming year.

No one wants to start their year off on the wrong foot… so, for extra information and support head to the HMRC website.