Top tips for creating an office space that inspires your team

January 23rd, 2020

If you walk into your office in the morning and immediately feel a slump, it’s time to do something about it.

The average Briton works 252 days a year, and studies have repeatedly shown that workers are far more motivated when they are working in a brighter, cleaner and tidier office, so it makes sense to ensure that your environment is tailored to that.

At Eskmills, we’re proud to be able to offer our clients a wide variety of spaces to suit their requirements; from hot-desking options for solo workers, to large suites to seat dozens of staff. But wherever you’re based, it’s important that you enjoy the space you’re in.

Don’t worry – it doesn’t mean you have to install an in-office bar, an air hockey table or a series of arcade games. Some small, simple changes are all it takes to create a motivating space your team will enjoy.

Here’s our top five tips for making sure that your office space inspired and motivates you and your team this year, to help you enjoy every moment of your working day:

Create plenty of light

Thanks to Eskmills’ historic architecture, lots of our offices have beautiful, large windows to allow the natural light to flood in. But during the winter months and the darker days, it’s important to make sure that light remains in your office space. Wall-mounted lights are a great way to have plenty of light in the room, without taking up precious desk space. Choose eco-friendly daylight bulbs to keep the room feeling fresh and bright.

Personalise your space

It’s easy to personalise your workspace without having to redecorate or paint the walls. Bring your brand values to the room and allow your team to bring their own personalities to their desks, to help them feel more comfortable and energised in their work. Corkboards or pin boards are great for collaging and creating motivational ‘vision boards’, and you can use clip frames to hang up team photos. Hang framed artwork (Command strips and hooks are ideal for rented spaces, as they don’t damage the walls!) and even look into vinyl wall decals with your logo. Bring your office colours into the room in accessories, and try adding some plants to your space for a fresh feel.

Declutter and organise

Many offices with multiple workers can end up looking cluttered and untidy, with items and belongings all over the place. Tidy desk, tidy mind, so they say – so try dedicating five minutes at the end of every day to tidying your desk, filing your paperwork and emptying the bins, to keep your office feeling bright and spacious, instead of messy and overwhelming.

Invest in great stationery

To help your team feel more organised, invest in some stylish and practical stationery and desk organisation. From in-trays for paperwork, to chic baskets for stashing those bits and pieces that can easily clutter up the workspace, and a set of under-desk drawers – cheap and chic stationery and deskware can easily be found online and can make all the difference to your team.

A tidy desk with 'do more' on the screen

Create spaces where your team can relax

If you want to motivate and inspire your team, then it’s important to encourage them to feel comfortable enough to take a break. Lunchtimes, meetings and brainstorming sessions are all more effective when you’re away from your desk, so create some comfortable spaces where everyone can get away from the emails and reset their minds. Investing in a dining table and chairs, set away from the desks, is the easiest method, but it’s also great to have sofas or armchairs in the office for meeting times or for taking a break.