Preparing Your Business for the Summer Holidays

July 12th, 2019

The summer months can be unpredictable when you run a business, with both clients and employees out of the office for weeks at a time. But it’s important to use the holidays to your advantage and alter your business plan to benefit you and your employees.

From time off to keeping business flowing we have plenty of tips for you. The key aspects include relaxation, organisation, pre-planning and ensuring you are covered for any absences or staff holidays. Ensure you, your employees and clients are satisfied during the summer – and are able to enjoy some time off too!

Taking time off

The business world can be demanding. Although it may be difficult for you and your employees to take a holiday, it is vital to do so. People who take a break from work will return feeling energised and rebooted.

As much as we know working hard is vital for your business, it’s important that you invest time in your relationships and life outside of work too. Working for long periods of time with no holidays can result in a lack of productivity. Taking some time off will put things into perspective and help protect your businesses future in the long run.


Let your clients know you are open during the summer. Use social media, email and phone calls to reassure clients you will be available over the summer months. This will ensure your business keeps flowing.

New clients

If you know of any competitors who will be closed over the summer months, use this to your advantage. Renew and refresh your website and social media, hand out your card and get the word out that you are open for business this summer.

Use the summer downtime to do some research on potential new clients, and work up some plans on how you can go out there and get their business once everyone’s back in the office.

Summer temps

When the summer commences, students have lots of free time and are looking to gain work experience before their studies start again in the autumn. Use this to your advantage and start advertising and interviewing for a summer temp. This person could cover holidays other employees take. Students are usually available until September time, so this means you are covered for any emergencies over the summer.

Plan holidays in advance

Get staff to hand in holiday forms stating which days they would like to take off. It is important staff holidays fit in with your employee contracts, and if you’re a small team then make sure everyone isn’t off at the same time. Ensure you have training organised for new staff members that will cover holidays, so they know what to do if you are not around.

Monitored screen time

When you take your holidays, ensure you are separating yourself from work life. Don’t check emails and answer work-related calls and texts. Close the laptop and enjoy the things around you to benefit from your time off. It is not a holiday if you take your job with you on an iPad or phone!

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